• Novotel bed

    Enjoy the new Novotel bed! Even larger, even more comfortable, it adds to the wonders of your good night's sleep.
    Made by Dunlopillo, the Novotel bed consists of a 22 cm thick mattress and a 15 cm high bed base (with 20 cm high feet). The soft and comfortable mattress offers dual comfort Biportance technology. This technology provides long lasting, total support to suit every part of your body. The slated bed base is made of birch wood. It complements the mattress in perfect harmony to ensure you have an excellent rest.
    The Mattress and Bed Base Set comes with a relaxing anti-stress duvet, two soft square pillows with cases, two firm rectangular pillows with cases, and a linen set (duvet cover, fitted sheet).
    Mattresses and bed bases are available in 140x200 cm, 160x200 cm and 180x200 cm sizes.

    1 - Mattress & Bed base
    1 - Relaxing anti-stress duvet
    2 - Soft square anti-stress pillows
    2 - Rectangular anti-stress pillows
    1 - Square pillowcase
    1 - Rectangular pillowcase
    1 - Duvet cover
    1 - Fitted sheet
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